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VoiceAmerica Variety ChannelClint Maun has taken to the air waves to tackle the healthcare issues that matter the most to Americans today. Clint's weekly radio talk show provides consumers with the clear-cut information and answers they need to make the right decisions about their healthcare.

Every Clint's Cures show features a timely and relevant healthcare topic. Clint provides a factual, accurate overview of the topic along with effective tips and strategies; all in a way that is simple and easy to understand. The show also features experts in the field to provide additional insight and clarity.

Clint's Cures: Answers For Your Healthcare aired on the VoiceAmerica Variety Channel at www.voiceamerica.com but is currently no longer live on the air. However, we have archived the recorded shows here on this site so you can still benefit from the information presented. Simply check out the Episodes page for more information or to listent to past shows.

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In addition to Clint's Cures: Answers For Your Healthcare, Clint Maun has a podcast tailored to Healthcare Professionals!

When it comes to the business of healthcare, Clint Maun has tried and true techniques, process improvement strategies and proven results-oriented programs developed over years of direct involvement in the healthcare profession. Clint’s podcasts offer concise, actionable ideas that are applicable to all levels of healthcare professionals!

Get Answers For Your Healthcare QuestionsIn under 10 minutes, you'll get:

  • healthcare’s best-practice stories, tips and anecdotes
  • Clint’s unique ‘twist’ on healthcare which is full of fun, information and motivation
  • best of all, it's FREE

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