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Monday, August 09, 2010
The Medicare Program and Its Effect on You
Medicare is a very important healthcare program for millions of Americans. How well do you really understand the Medicare health insurance program on which you may eventually rely? We recently polled a group of individuals 55-64 and less than 20% could adequately explain the program’s benefits or understood supplemental health insurance plans, drug benefits or long term care options. Considering how important healthcare coverage is in the senior years, Americans approaching 65 and current Medicare enrollees should have a comprehensive understanding of the basics of Medicare to make good decisions about their health. Vicki Gottlich is an attorney and accomplished speaker with The Center of Medicare Advocacy. She is a leader in developing proactive programs to assist and support the public in their understanding of Medicare, their rights for appeals, and how to navigate the process. If you are 50 years of age or older or have parents or family enrolled in Medicare, don’t miss this program.
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Vicki Gottlich, JD, LLM
Senior Policy Attorney - the Center for Medicare Advocacy, Inc.

Vicki Gottlich, JD, LLMVicki Gottlich is an attorney in the Washington, DC office of the Center for Medicare Advocacy, Inc. where she provides legal assistance, research, consultation, and litigation support regarding Medicare and employer-sponsored health benefits. Prior to joining the Center for Medicare Advocacy, Ms. Gottlich was a staff attorney for the National Senior Citizens Law Center. She conducts seminars and workshops regarding Medicare and other health-related issues for such organizations as the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, the National Association of Protection and Advocacy Systems, the National Citizens Coalition for Nursing Home Reform, and the National Legal Aid and Defender Association. Her articles have appeared in such publications as Clearinghouse Review and the NAELA News. Ms. Gottlich received her J.D. degree from New York University School of Law and her L.L.M. degree from George Washington University.

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You can learn more information regarding the Center for Medicare Advocacy at their website - www.medicareadvocacy.org, or call them at (202) 293-5760.

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