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Monday, August 16, 2010
How Assertive Should I Be with My Doctor?
How well do you communicate with your doctor? If you’re confused or uncomfortable with his treatment regimen or the medications you’ve been prescribed, do you say so? Are you comfortable asking your doctor questions? If you are not satisfied with the answers you receive, do you ask for a referral for a second opinion? Well, the bottom line is that if you don’t speak up for yourself, no one else will do it for you and the results could be disastrous. Our guest, Meryl Runion, author of PowerPhrases, will share her proven phrases and communication techniques for speaking assertively with your doctor. Patients don’t have to be pushy or aggressive to get answers; they just have to use a ’PowerPhrase’ - a short, specific expression that gets results by saying what it means and meaning what it says without being rude. By the end of the show you’ll know how to plan specific phrases before your appointment to ensure you get what you want during your next doctor visit.
Guest 1:

Meryl Runion, CSP
President and CEO - SpeakStrong, Inc.

Meryl Runion, CSPA graduate of Vanderbilt University and then obtaining a Master’s Degree in the Science of Creative Intelligence, Meryl Runion has designed and presented customized seminars across the US, Canada, UK, New Zealand and Australia. She has worked as an independent contractor for The World Plan Executive Council and has contracted extensively for SkillPath Seminars. Meryl is the President and CEO of SpeakStrong, Inc. a training, speaking, consulting, and information services company. Her first book, PowerPhrases: The Perfect Words to Say It Right and Get the Results You Want has sold over 250,000 copies. She is the featured communications expert on SelfGrowth.com, a complete guide on the Internet about Self-Improvement, Personal Growth and Self-Help.

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Show Notes:

You can learn more information regarding Ms. Runion and SpeakStrong, Inc at their website - www.speakstrong.com, or call them at (719) 684-2633. You can also email Ms. Runion directly at merylrunion@speakstrong.com.

Assertive Approach -> Speak from the heart:

  • Say what you mean
  • Mean what you say
  • Don't be mean when you say it