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Monday, May 17, 2010
The Customer Experience in Healthcare
Wondered what you need to do to assure you receive excellent customer service with your healthcare provider? Do you know what to expect from your clinic, hospital, long term care organization or any other healthcare business? Do you really understand why customer service is so important to healthcare today? Do you know what your customer rights and responsibilities are when working with your healthcare provider? This week we'll explore these questions and more on how to get excellent customer service from your healthcare provider. We'll also discuss why healthcare organizations are dramatically trying to improve their customer service today. Our guest will be Brian Lee, internationally recognized speaker and consultant on customer service excellence in healthcare organizations. He will help us detail answers to these questions and more on Clint's Cures - Answers for Your Healthcare. Talk to you on May 17th.
Guest 1:

Brian Lee, CSP
Custom Learning Systems - Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Brian Lee, CSPBrian is one of North America's leading experts in the field of world-class healthcare, patient satisfaction and change leadership. He is the author of "Satisfaction Guaranteed™ - How to Satisfy Every Customer Every Time." Brian educates his audiences on the "how-to's" of patient, staff, and physician loyalty; he inspires hope and commitment, resulting in renewed passion for care-giving. For two consecutive years, Brian has been evaluated by the International Customer Service Association Conference as the number-one-rated Customer Service speaker in the world.

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Show Notes:

HCAHPS hospital comparison/info websites:


10 preparation tips to ensure you get a great healthcare experience:

  1. Visit http://hcahpsonline.org/ to learn more about prospective facilities
  2. Don't discount the value of word-of-mouth recommendations
  3. Does the staff have Service Recovery Policy training?
  4. Ask the nurses who work there about their facility - would they recommend it to their own family members?
  5. If you are about to have a baby, does the facility have an orientation/on-boarding process to pre-familiarize you with their facility/experience?
  6. Check out the emergency/waiting room areas - is this somewhere you can envision being when sick/in pain? What is their triage process like?
  7. Ask you doctor about the facility.
  8. Google the site/facility. What kinds of info are you seeing about them? Complain reports? Praise?
  9. What is the staff/nursing turnover at the facility? Higher than 5-10%?
  10. Depend on your family - have someone your can trust who can represent you when you are not in a clear-headed state/conscious. Are these people well taken care of at the facility?

If you are already in the facility: Is there a whiteboard/corkboard/cheatsheet/etc in your room to capture info such as contacts, your status, daily plan, allergies, preferences, etc?


To receive a free eBook edition of Brian Lee's new book, Satisfaction Guaranteed™ - How to Satisfy Every Customer Every Time!, simply send an email request to brian@customlearning.com or call in to 800-667-7325.