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Monday, May 24, 2010
Where is Long-Term Care Heading?
Where is long term care heading? What is the future of long term care? Should I be involved more in determining my future? How do I know my own care and my parents’ care is appropriate? How do I get the home and community-based services I need? When do I need to consider an assisted living or a nursing home? How do I know what quality looks like? These kinds of questions and answers will be discussed in depth with Jim Introne, President and CEO of ArchCare, New York, NY on VoiceAmerica, Clint’s Cures, Monday, May 24th. Jim Introne is a national leader and executive in long term care and is currently involved in executive strategic positions for multiple-site long term care organizations in New York State.
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Jim Introne
ArchCare - President, CEO

Jim IntroneJames E. Introne is President & CEO of ArchCare (formerly the Catholic Health Care System) of the Archdiocese of New York where he provides overall direction for the System's seven nursing homes, three Adult Day Health Care programs, a Specialty Hospital for severely disabled children, Home Care and Hospice programs, and an Acute Care Hospital that cares for people in the advanced stages of cancer. Prior to CHCS, Jim served for over 20 years as President of Loretto, Central New York’s largest provider of comprehensive services to elderly individuals. Currently, Jim is a board member of the United Cerebral Palsy of New York City and the Continuing Care Leadership Coalition, and has served as a board member for the New York Association of Homes & Services for the Aging, the National Chronic Care Consortium, and as a member of the New York Public Health Council. He received his B.A. from St. Lawrence University and his M.P.A. from Pennsylvania State University.

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To learn more information regarding the PACE program discussed during the program, visit http://www.npaonline.org.