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Monday, June 07, 2010
How to Select and Get Value from a Good Pharmacy
Whether you’re filling a prescription at the local pharmacy or have a family member in a healthcare facility, assuring there are no medication errors is a prime concern. We’ll discuss questions to ask your pharmacy to determine if you are receiving the best advice and quality service available. In addition, we will address whether generic drugs are as good as name brands, as well as what questions to ask about medication management when you have a loved one in a healthcare facility setting. Our guest this week is Mark Keffeler, President and CEO of RX Care Assurance. Mark grew up in a pharmacy family, both as a retailer and now as a medication system developer. He will share his experiences and insight as to what to look for in a pharmacy.
Guest 1:

Mark Keffeler
RX Care Assurance - President, Chief Executive Officer

Mark KeffelerMark Keffeler began his career in long term care working for his father, Paul Keffeler, who owned a pharmacy in Omaha, NE that provided pharmacy services to the skilled nursing industry. Faced with ongoing issues of medication errors, waste and tampering using the traditional industry packaging systems, Paul realized the need to develop a better medication management system. Leveraging his entrepreneurial spirit, he invented, developed and marketed the OPUS Medication System to overcome such obstacles to quality care.The OPUS System is more than packaging, it is a total medication management system designed to increase quality care through the prevention of medication errors, medication waste, and medication tampering. In April 2009 he changed the name of the company to Rx Care Assurance and expanded the services offered to both pharmacy and facility customers across the country.

Guest 2:

David Kohll
Kohll's Pharmacy and Homecare - Pharmacy Director and Co-Owner

There are currently eight Kohll's Pharmacies located in Nebraska and Colorado that offer convenient and reliable service and also provide 24-7 service to its customers through Kohlls.com and KohllsMedicalSupply.com. In addition, Kohll's offers a Medication Therapy Management system, provides vaccination services including flu shots and provides free Medisets.

Guest 3:

Show Notes:

Check your medications/costs/plans at http://www.medicare.gov/ to verify Medicare Part D prescriptions.