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Monday, June 14, 2010
How to Manage Your Own Healthcare
Managed care is designed to reduce unnecessary healthcare costs through a variety of incentives, review programs and selective provider contracting. Whereas managed care plans may benefit many consumers, there are serious concerns that cost controls may be denying medically necessary services to some categories of patients or providing low quality care. Our guest, Dr. Daniel Fisher, is an advocate of empowering individuals to “self-manage their own care”. Dr. Fisher believes that consumers can participate in the implementation of their healthcare decisions and outcomes. He’s here to provide insight as to what steps we can take to assure we receive the timely quality care we need.
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Dr. Daniel Fisher
National Empowerment Center - Executive Director

Dr. Daniel FisherDr. Fisher earned a PhD in biochemistry and carried out research at the National Institutes of Mental Health into the possible biochemical basis of schizophrenia. During the course of that work at age 25, he was diagnosed with schizophrenia and was hospitalized on 3 occasions. His full recovery inspired him to help others find the keys to their recovery from mental illness. Earning an MD from GWU and training as a psychiatrist at Harvard Medical School, he has practiced as a psychiatrist and Medical Director at Riverside Community Care in Wakefield, MA for 25 years. He co-founded the National Empowerment Center, was a Commissioner on the White House New Freedom Commission on Mental Health, won the America’s Clifford Beers Award for Mental Health Advocacy, and was awarded the Frances Olivero Advocacy Award. He serves on the National Coalition of MH Consumer/Survivor Organizations, acting as a voice for consumers in the development of national mental health policy.

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You can learn more information regarding the National Empowerment Center at their website - www.power2u.org, or call them at 800-power2u (800-769-3728).