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Monday, June 21, 2010
When Should I Get a Second Opinion on My Healthcare?
Americans are becoming more informed and taking a more active role in their healthcare decisions. Yet, when faced with difficult or even minor health issues, become too embarrassed, timid or intimidated to tell their physician they would like a second opinion. Although doctors receive comparable education, training and experience, they may process the information differently and have differing opinions as to diagnoses and treatments. There are constantly new drugs, protocols and treatment advances which your doctor may or may not be aware of. So, what is the best approach and when do you ask for a second opinion? This week’s guest, Jim Ward, CEO of Patient Advocates, LLC will give us tips on how to navigate the “healthcare system” and answer the important question, “When Should I Get a Second Opinion?”
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James Ward, JD
Patient Advocates, LLC - President and Principal

James Ward, JDJim Ward’s unique approach to healthcare and patient advocacy stems from his belief that access to the highest quality healthcare results in greater cost-savings over time. His passion inspired him to create Patient Advocates in 1995, with a vision for a company committed to advancing healthy living and providing full support throughout a patient’s cycle of care. Mr. Ward is a graduate of the University of Maine and Boston College School of Law. He has over 25-years experience in providing risk management services to some of Maine’s most prominent employers, including 6 years with an international consulting firm - the last 3 years as its Vice President. Having owned and operated one of the most successful 3rd-party claims administrators in northern New England, as well as starting the state’s first two Maine-owned managed health care companies, he understands the critical underlying operations necessary to provide the proper mix of claims management and employee services.

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You can learn more information regarding Patient Advocates, LLC at their website - www.patientadvocatesllc.com, or call them at (800) 290-8559.