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Monday, July 12, 2010
Should I Buy Long-Term Care Insurance?
As responsible adults, we are supposed to plan for the future and be prepared for unexpected expenses. We want to protect our investments and provide for our families; so we buy car insurance, life insurance, health insurance, vacation trip insurance, extended warranties... but what about Long Term Care insurance? As Steve Vernon, President of Rest-of-Life Communications, says, “Don’t put your head in the sand” - which most people do - often with unfortunate results. While long term care insurance may not be the answer for everybody, people do need to have a strategy to address the threat of long term care expenses. As our guest today, Steve will provide information so we can make an informed decision about Long Term Care Insurance.
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Steve Vernon, F.S.A.
Rest-of-Life Communications - President

Steve Vernon, F.S.A.Steve Vernon, F.S.A., is President of Rest-of-Life Communications, where he delivers workshops, presentations and communication campaigns on retirement planning. He is also an Executive Faculty member and Research Fellow of the California Institute for Finance. He currently consults to Mercer’s Retirement and Risk Finance business, where he helps large corporations and organizations design and manage their retirement programs. He writes a regular column for CBS MoneyWatch titled Money for Life. Steve produces unbiased, trusted information and strategies to help working people prepare for their retirement years. He is the author of Don’t Work Forever! and Live Long & Prosper!, and has produced a DVD/workbook package titled The Quest for Long Life, Health and Prosperity. His latest work is a short book titled Recession-Proof Your Retirement Years: Simple Retirement Planning Strategies That Work Through Thick or Thin.

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You can learn more information regarding Rest-of-Life Communications at their website - www.restoflife.com or contact Mr. Vernon directly at steve.vernon@restoflife.com. Additional information can be found at his column at CBS MoneyWatch.