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Monday, July 19, 2010
How to Get a Clear Understanding of What I am Paying For
Scenario: You or a family member has a medical procedure or treatment at your local hospital which requires a hospital stay. Ugh - three weeks later the bills start arriving from the doctor, hospital, labs, radiology, etc. How are you supposed to know if the charges are correct, or worse yet, if treatment payment is denied. Frustration... Worry... Confusion. After 25 years working in the medical cost containment industry, our guest, Ginny Capone, has an acute understanding of the needs of patients with a wide variety of complex medical conditions. She has extensive knowledge of the cost of medical treatment, available cost alternatives and strategies to reduce patients’ out-of-pocket obligations. Ginny will help us understand and identify what we are paying for and, if there are billing errors or if insurance claims are denied, what we can do about it.
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Virginia "Ginny" Capone, RN BSN CCM
Nightingale - President and Founder

Virginia Virginia “Ginny” Capone is President and Founder of Nightingale, a division of Capone & Associates, Inc., a comprehensive cost containment company. Nightingales provides patient advocate services to individuals and employers. Their experienced team of nurse case managers picks up where insurance leaves off. They negotiate reductions on uncovered medical bills, provide assistance completing insurance forms and interpreting benefit plans. They help plan participants find the best treatment options and direct them to payment options when a benefit plan does not provide coverage for medically necessary treatment. For more information, go to www.askthenightingales.com.

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You can learn more information regarding Nightingale at their website - www.askthenightingales.com, or call them at (800) 526-1877